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Hi to all!

2008-02-24 08:53:56 by Cha0szero

Well, I just want to thank you all guys your reviews. It´s fantastic when you work hard in something and people say you´ve done it right.
Sorry, I know I haven´t answer your questions. I´m reaaaaaally busy this year. I´m trying to get good marks at highschool and I have to study a lot. And yeah, the flash is going to slow. I hope this summer I´ll work hard on it so it could be ready for Septemeber (just like the another 2).
As you can see I haven´t improve my english a lot XD. Anyway, my animations are getting better, I feel it.
I was thinking about submitting an alfa, I don´t know...
Oh! And I´m also working in a little webpage for the flash, but I don´t when it´ll be ready.

Mmmm.... I think there´s nothing more to say. Just a little advance from the next episode: The intro song is "Forever" from "Elemental Gelade" ;p



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2008-02-24 13:59:20

Bueno, tus películas son geniales, por eso te mereces tan buenos comentarios. Yo tambien estoy ocupadísimo con el colegio, ya que este es mi último año, por eso es que no he podido trabajar mucho en flash tampoco.

Aun así, tómate tu tiempo para cada cosa, no hay prisa.

Sigue adelante :)


2008-03-10 20:40:57

Hey Cha0sZero, I'm a big fan of your series Sonic Next. Are you still working on it? I really would like to see episode 3.


2008-03-17 16:21:30

have a fun time studieing i dout u will thought XD
also i cant wait for chapter 3 chaper 2 left me stuned....

Ps: good luck, with the studieing and the movie.


2008-03-24 21:59:47

Hey don't worry take as long as you need to make the movie perfect. And don't worry about the grammer your getting alot better in fact I'd be happy to volunteer for grammer check in your movie scripts for you if you'd like that. I'm trying to get better in sprite animation myself and I don't always get a chance to work on it myself or recieve alot of help so don't worry about your animations if I learned in anything you'll improve even more over time. Good luck on your movie!


2008-03-27 22:45:55

i wouldnt count on him asking for your help with grammar editing 2link121. i offered to do it a few times and he hasnt agreed to let me help him yet (actually he hasn't even sent a pm saying if he agrees to let me check it or not.
man it's gonna be a loooong time until the next one comes out. but you know what i bet it's gonna be worth the wait.

Cha0szero responds:

Well, as far as I can remember, I said people who want helping me with grammar that I already have someone that is doing it (Masterater)
I´m sure he can correct all my grammar errors and help me to make the script look better. That´s why I don´t need more help (Anyway, thank you guys)


2008-05-08 13:16:47

sonic is one champion


2008-05-10 18:04:55

warning sonic!


2008-06-18 14:51:14

are you still doing the sonic next series?

Cha0szero responds:

Yup! I´m still on it.
But There´s something bothering me... I´m doing it slower than other episodes, I don´t know when it´s going to be finished :S


2008-07-11 23:45:09

Hey Cha0szero man what you do is f***in' awesome man huge fan God has blessed you you with an amazing gift mate. Peace Out


2008-07-12 20:39:23

I will fix up the grammar in your flash. If you send me your script, I can fix it up to proper English. I do have one question. Where did you get the mecha shadow sprites from Episode 1? I have looked all over and can't find them.

Cha0szero responds:

That´s because I think those sprites were removed from all places, or that´s what it seems. But you can edit the metal sonic´s ones changing the color.
about fixing the script, I have a mate doing that work, thank you anyway.
Thanks for watching ^^


2008-08-13 11:07:01

what amy is the gurdian of the master emerald then who is knuckles


2008-09-27 21:08:28

is sonic next part 3 ever soming out...


2009-02-09 17:26:51

when is sonic next chapter 3 coming out?


2009-11-02 17:35:30

cool sonic next movies i hope you make sonic next chapter 3


2010-03-29 19:16:44

cool page


2010-05-14 15:28:30

hey is there a tutorial for making movies and games like this
cause i wanna to make one of those too can u leave a comment please
by the way i hope chapter 3 and 4 will be soon here


2010-10-09 12:04:30

when is out Chapter 3?


2011-03-19 00:41:44

I dont think hes gonna make 3


2011-03-26 06:46:51

wanna be friends


2011-07-14 13:53:31

i know that the next one will be cool


2011-07-14 13:55:54

so amy is the gurdian of the chaos emarlds sonic must be shocked


2013-11-18 18:02:14

Are you finish Sonic Next Chapter 3?