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Hi to all!

2008-02-24 08:53:56 by Cha0szero

Well, I just want to thank you all guys your reviews. It´s fantastic when you work hard in something and people say you´ve done it right.
Sorry, I know I haven´t answer your questions. I´m reaaaaaally busy this year. I´m trying to get good marks at highschool and I have to study a lot. And yeah, the flash is going to slow. I hope this summer I´ll work hard on it so it could be ready for Septemeber (just like the another 2).
As you can see I haven´t improve my english a lot XD. Anyway, my animations are getting better, I feel it.
I was thinking about submitting an alfa, I don´t know...
Oh! And I´m also working in a little webpage for the flash, but I don´t when it´ll be ready.

Mmmm.... I think there´s nothing more to say. Just a little advance from the next episode: The intro song is "Forever" from "Elemental Gelade" ;p